The furnishings of the Flora

A collection that spans the years


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The magic of design. The atmosphere that embodies chunks of history and stories of lives lived.

The Flora is a kaleidoscopic world constructed over many years of research and travel.

Trips taken across Europe, to antique markets and other places in search of new treasures.
The collection at the Flora is not limited to toys, and actually takes in an array of different objects that embody its character and adorn and embellish every corner and every wall.

Throughout the hotel and scattered here and there in the restaurants you will find stunning, one-off pieces of furniture that are redolent of the periods from which they date. The collection was put together in the 1980s and '90s by myriad painstaking visits to French and British antique dealers .

The Flora boasts what is a truly incredible collection. Every room plays host to pieces of furniture, wardrobes, chests-of-drawersand sofas that are the fruits of a burning passion for antiques and for beauty.

You'll find yourself sleeping through a timeless night, awash with evocation and fascination. It's all wonderfully engaging and breathtaking.

You can also spend a marvellous evening in our restaurant, surrounded by 18th- and 19th century furnishings.

Let yourself be carried away by this special atmosphere, which draw you in and take you back to a distant past.

And don't forget to look at everything you possibly can, because here, the experience starts with your eyes.

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