Hotel Flora Cagliari

Elegance, charme and an unmistakable style

Hotel Flora Cagliari

Elegance, charme and an unmistakable style

Hotel Flora Cagliari

Elegance, charme and an unmistakable style

Hotel Flora Cagliari

Elegance, charme and an unmistakable style


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The Restaurant

An authentic tavern with a retro, Art Nouveau ambience.

Opening times

Monday - Saturday

12.00 - 15.30 / 20.00 - 23.30

Sunday: opening on request for private events

  • A cuisine in which traditional local flavours are fused with the desire to innovate.

    The Flora embodies a real sense of history, and we are very much enamoured of it. Because it speaks of our history and of that of our city.

    In the 1940s, after the Second World War, it was the place where American patrons would stop of eat something and let the hair down to the new rhythm of the rumba. The rest is part of the portrait of our family, which came from a small town in the Ogliastra area called Seui to take over this trattoria, transforming it into the place to be, conserving the love for tradition and delicious rural cooking.

    Here at the Flora you will find locally caught fresh fish. The flavoursome meats we serve come from the finest farmers and shepherd in this part of Sardinia. Our fruit and vegetables comes from the nearest producers. All of this because we believe strongly in the virtues of short supply chains. We believe in using seasonal produce; in the recipes that are jealously guarded in the local pantries.
    Because for us, cooking is not a fashion; it is a lifestyle – and authentic and sincere one at that. 

  • Business lunches

    A quick lunch break. A business meeting. At the Flora, you'll find the right atmosphere to allow you to take some time our and refresh body and soul before returning to your desk.

  • Or to discuss that project that you are so enamoured of...what they say is right, the best deals are made around the table.
    Recipes and menus design for those with limited time to spare or who are looking for the ideal setting in which to combine work and wellbeing. Every day, you can look forward to our Business Lunches. Different dishes are available every day, made to traditional recipes using seasonal produce. You can even request customised menus for your event or business meeting: we will be delighted to offer you the most appropriate solution, served up in a peaceful, stylish environment, where the food provides the pleasing complement to your business meeting.

  • Lounge Bar

    A moment to pause and relax. What could be better than ending the day with an aperitif in the company of friends?

  • Here at the Flora, you will find cocktails prepared by experienced bar staff, alongside wines from the finest producers that Sardinia has to offer. All accompanied by authentic local produce and delicious appetisers, including our family's meatballs, made to a secret family recipe.

  • Events and Weddings

  • Up to your eyes trying to organise an important event? Or are you looking for the perfect wedding venue?

    We know that a special day has to be a truly special experience. Accordingly, the Flora is the ideal place for those who are looking for an intimate but evocative venue.
    We have what it takes to host small, elegant receptions, thanks to the unusual, retro ambience we have created here. We offer a unique space – one that is infused with a magical, romantic atmosphere. 

    You will have the opportunity to put together a menu that combines tradition and innovation. All the flavours of Sardinian cuisine, carefully mixed with local ingredients in innovative combinations to create a fascinating, ever-changing menu. Should you already have your heart set on another venue for your event, we can simply provide our catering service and, moreover, if you are getting hitched, you can use our in-house wedding-planner service.

  • The Winter Garden

  • A secret garden. Concealed amid the buildings and rooftops of Cagliari.

    Amid the ancient walls, enclosed within a tangle of plants, you will find yourself in intimate, evocative surroundings.

    The garden transforms into a romantic backdrop for a candelit dinner. Or it becomes a welcoming, relaxing space where you can stop to drink a cup of steaming tea or a hot chocolate.
    It is the place we like best here at the Flora, because it is the place which to enjoy summer evenings in the company of friends and it is also where our guests like to take breakfast on summer mornings. It is a place where the light filters through the branches and envelopes the shapes, infusing everything with a surreal, enchanted atmosphere.
    A place where you can leave the clamour of the city behind and let yourself be carried away by the simple pleasures of fine food and great company.

  • Afternoon tea

    Those winter days on which you need to stop for a moment to get your breath back.

  • Those days on which it is essential to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle. Those days on which a tea or an infusion is the ideal answer to the questions swirling in your head. Here at the Flora, we wanted to recreate that pause given over to the ancient art of making tea. A pause that is all about warmth and the fragrance of just-baked biscuits. We like the idea of offering you a place in which to chat to your friends with a cup of steaming tea in your hands. Here you'll find a wide selection of teas and infusions with intense and heady. All you have to do is choose the scent that attracts you the most, the close you eyes and savour a moment of pure bliss.

  • Gluten-Free

  • At the Flora, we take the whole eating business very seriously indeed.

    Above all when it comes to dealing with specific, complex issues such as coeliac disease.

    For many years, we have been promoting a gluten-free diet when there is a medical necessity. And we have been recognised as a “coeliac-friendly restaurant” by the principal associations for sufferers of coeliac disease. For this reason, our menus feature gluten-free recipes and we have available a whole series of products and ingredients for those who follow a gluten-free diet. Because we firmly believe that eating should always be a pleasure.